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  1. MissGlam19

    MissGlam19Month ago

    Does she have a degree in pastries ? Lol

  2. Gabriela Venegas

    Gabriela Venegas2 months ago

    me noticing that the second layer the cut out was placed the other way.

  3. Vere

    Vere3 months ago

    She talks very fast😳

  4. Lily Murcia

    Lily Murcia4 months ago

    My questions here are.... what do you guys do with all the cake i mean no creo que se lo coman todo ustedes...and why dont you ever add like fillings to your cake like different ones not the same old wipped cream and pecans.

  5. Janette Sierra

    Janette Sierra5 months ago

    Amazing !

  6. Care Bear

    Care Bear5 months ago

    Wait how did you get the bread like the squares? Did you bake a huge ass dough? How does it fit in the oven lol

  7. Michelle Collins

    Michelle Collins5 months ago

    You're so talented. I love to see you create. Happy New Year to you and your family 😇

  8. Jennifer Ruiz

    Jennifer Ruiz5 months ago

    I love how happy les looks when she finished her masterpiece 😁😁💕💕💕

  9. Lucy Marlene

    Lucy Marlene5 months ago

    Did you cut the sheet cakes in half ?before decorating

  10. Shannon Belone

    Shannon Belone5 months ago

    I love the offset spatula. Once I tried it I never went back to flat spatulas. Lol I love being a cake decorator. I love my job. Btw you're an amazing decorator! Love the cake!

  11. Marcela Baires

    Marcela Baires5 months ago

    Cakemas TIGHT LES IS VERY SMART marcela_libra0927

  12. Elizabeth Guzman

    Elizabeth Guzman5 months ago

    Les, you should add aprons to your merch! I would totally buy!

  13. Sarai Noriega

    Sarai Noriega5 months ago

    That cake is gonna be dry as fuck 😂

  14. Lorena Herrera

    Lorena Herrera5 months ago

    Crystal is me when she come's in through the back door, while you're doing the second coat 😂 🚪🧍🏻‍♀️

  15. Maria Aguilar

    Maria Aguilar5 months ago

    I’m taking notes to make my suegra a cake that doesn’t look like a 3 year old made it 😅 $mdcar1998

  16. Marta Martinez

    Marta Martinez5 months ago

    you are so talented

  17. Adriana Martinez

    Adriana Martinez5 months ago

    Girl! You should of done mocha or chocolate whipped cream 🤤. No good coloring needed.

  18. marilyn avery

    marilyn avery5 months ago

    Stop looking at your monitor 😩 its making me want to stop watching mama ):

  19. CANDY143

    CANDY1435 months ago

    SO CUTE!!!

  20. Under Your Spell

    Under Your Spell5 months ago

    Did you guys see that little girl?

  21. Genesis Salazar

    Genesis Salazar5 months ago

    Does anybody knows the name of the Starbucks coffee less always get please and thank you ☺️☺️

  22. Walter Gonzalez

    Walter Gonzalez5 months ago

    I asked myself wtf she’s holding it like nothing but through out the video she couldn’t 😂😂😂 I thought Alex was under 😂😂 I love these videos!!!

  23. Jack Ramirez

    Jack Ramirez5 months ago

    Les i have a question. Do you listen to music while you’re doing this or do you like to do it in silence? Very curious!!😗

  24. J

    J5 months ago


  25. Lez - Let’s Worship

    Lez - Let’s Worship5 months ago

    Les you’re the cutest I’m just watching this on Christmas Day literally Hans love you guys ❤️

  26. Mano Bahe

    Mano Bahe5 months ago

    3rd cakmis video of 6... loving it. Literally loving help pass time ❤

  27. Elsa G.

    Elsa G.5 months ago


  28. Joy Richards

    Joy Richards5 months ago

    I love your videos $joyrichards1 @takevows

  29. Naturally Andrea

    Naturally Andrea5 months ago

    Literally 99% won't care but God Bless you and be safe during these times! I'm trying to get to 1k before New Years🙏🏽❤️

  30. Adriana Perez

    Adriana Perez5 months ago

    Was watching this with grandma, she said “se me antoja, no nos puede traer un pedaso??” Lol

  31. Ese Aunese

    Ese Aunese5 months ago

    OMG, so sad CAKEMAS is done .... loved seeing all the different desserts you have been sharing! 🥰🙌 So cute & festive, but also so easy & affordable at the same time! Thanks for all the tips, ideas, & laughs for CAKEMAS 2020! So excited to see where you & the fam will go in 2021, LOVE YA’LL! Happy holidays to you guys! ❤️❤️ (IG: @itsjusstt.ese / CA: $ex2la)

  32. Marlene Granados

    Marlene Granados5 months ago


  33. Mrs. Gonzales

    Mrs. Gonzales5 months ago

    If he isn't the cutest little sugar

  34. alyssa leija

    alyssa leija5 months ago

    I love all the thought and hard work you put in your cakes & videos! You go above and beyond!! You don’t half ass the cakes and do the most when your only doing this for fun!!! Love the Xmas music u added for during the fast forwarding in the video♥️♥️ love you les!! Keep up the great work♥️

  35. Alicia Castillo

    Alicia Castillo5 months ago

    I want cake

  36. Brielle Gray

    Brielle Gray5 months ago

    Lol love the bloopers

  37. Lauren French

    Lauren French5 months ago

    Use cocoa or chocolate next time and food coloring if needed trust me it tastes a whole lot better

  38. Anyssa Perez

    Anyssa Perez5 months ago

    Happy holidays everyone! Hope everyone has a blessed Christmas and New Year! I’m currently 32weeks 5days pregnant🥳 $anysstaylorr insta: anyssa_taylor

  39. Guadalupe Martinez

    Guadalupe Martinez5 months ago

    Omg came out so cute 😍 $MartinezG05

  40. Angela Jimenez

    Angela Jimenez5 months ago

    Wow! It came out so awesome love it! You are so talented, love all your baking videos thanks for sharing them with us.

  41. Vicky

    Vicky5 months ago

    OMG Amazing job. I love it.

  42. Stacey Estrada- Ortiz

    Stacey Estrada- Ortiz5 months ago

    You need to be in baking contest ⛄️ Saludos Desdé Houston Tx ☺️ Merry Christmas 🎄 & Happy New Year 2021 🎉 DIOS tè bendiga hoy y SIEMPRE! 🙏🏼

  43. Jenny zarceno

    Jenny zarceno5 months ago

    First time I notice Les doesn’t say something about her pronunciation “ scarf” 😂😂😂 #sofunny $JennyZarceno

  44. Mirandaa Barraza

    Mirandaa Barraza5 months ago

    I can tell you are tired les ! Awee the cake came out so good ! 😍 babby G is ready for his bday cakes till he’s 18 lol

  45. Maritza Echavarria

    Maritza Echavarria5 months ago

    Awww he’s beautiful 😻

  46. Karol Valdez

    Karol Valdez5 months ago

    I neeed to try ASAP 😋 Paypal: karolmil11

  47. lizlop17

    lizlop175 months ago

    Les! How many cake boxes did you use per sheet? I would love to recreate this! Not sure if you mentioned it in the video.

  48. jasmine luna

    jasmine luna5 months ago

    Hope I win!!! You are my favorite USloft been riding with you since Facebook Live days 🥺❤️ cash app: $jassyluna


    BRIZELY CONCEPCION5 months ago


  50. Yen_xo

    Yen_xo5 months ago

    It’s perfect!!!!!! So cute. ☺️

  51. Life with Ari

    Life with Ari5 months ago

    Tell me why you make it look so easy? ) $ArianaTorres88 fun fact I have three sons lol

  52. Carla Quintana

    Carla Quintana5 months ago

    It came out so good..

  53. Sujey Garcia

    Sujey Garcia5 months ago

    WOW!!! Te avenstates Les...Hands up!♥♥

  54. Amy M 779

    Amy M 7795 months ago

    “Scarf you’re saying scar” 🤣🤣🤣 $amymtz11 IG: amymtz11

  55. Brianna Dixon

    Brianna Dixon5 months ago

    I love the way this cake came out super dope ur are talented $Jordynnsmommy2020 @lovelybribri_

  56. The Sandos Family Vlogs

    The Sandos Family Vlogs5 months ago

    Can you give the buttercream recipe

  57. Karla Valdez

    Karla Valdez5 months ago

    That gingerbread is huge! And it came out beautiful!!😍 $Karlita1822

  58. Alejandra Martinez

    Alejandra Martinez5 months ago

    “Scarf you’re saying scar” 😂 $AleMtz7

  59. Carmen Vazquez

    Carmen Vazquez5 months ago

    The intro is so cute 💗 $carmenvaz24

  60. Crystal Ervin

    Crystal Ervin5 months ago

    You’re so talented girl! IG: crystalmarie92_ PP: ervin_crystal24@yahoo.com

  61. edna rodriguez

    edna rodriguez5 months ago

    It confuses my brain in these Cakemas videos that you guys keep looking to the side 🤯😳

  62. Maria Gallardo

    Maria Gallardo5 months ago

    I 💕 your videos 😜 I had so much fun I can't wait till tomorrow 😊🙂

  63. Evelyn T

    Evelyn T5 months ago

    Sooooooo beautiful!!!!

  64. lorenis acevedo

    lorenis acevedo5 months ago

    I love your relationship with crystal🥰🤍

  65. Ann Gonzalez

    Ann Gonzalez5 months ago

    I want cake now 😭😭😆 $Annmarieg08

  66. Bianca Roman

    Bianca Roman5 months ago

    Ugh I love this!! $biancaroman90 Insta romanb90

  67. The Hernandez Crew

    The Hernandez Crew5 months ago

    What do you do with the cakes after

  68. Sheri Marie

    Sheri Marie5 months ago

    This is so cute 💕

  69. Yashira Rivera

    Yashira Rivera5 months ago

    Wow!! 😳 I can tell this took you forever! I appreciate your long nights and hard work to be able to please us. You are very beautiful and talented. Also let me just say you have a lot of patience because lord knows I would of gave up when the cake cracked lol so serious ! 😅 P.S. I loved how it turned out 😍🥰❤️ Merry Christmas “2020”🎄🎁

  70. Cinthya Castro

    Cinthya Castro5 months ago

    Jaja love the big cake

  71. Angel Maynez

    Angel Maynez5 months ago

    Haha I figured either Alex or crystal helping hold the cake!

  72. karliitaa4

    karliitaa45 months ago

    I literally thought you were holding the cake on your own with just one hand, I was like no que “ñanga life” you strong strong😂 @Karlita1822

  73. GUZMXN

    GUZMXN5 months ago


  74. Raquel Alvarado

    Raquel Alvarado5 months ago

    Frosting the cake is so satisfying to watch lol $ItsLifeRaquel

  75. Adriana Lopez

    Adriana Lopez5 months ago

    Les do a tres leche cake !

  76. Jenna C. Shawinimash

    Jenna C. Shawinimash5 months ago

    Cute cake

  77. Leilani Chichenoff

    Leilani Chichenoff5 months ago

    Omg I feel like this is the hardest one so far! It’s almost as big as u 😭😂 Leilani-chichenoff -Venmo $chichenoff -cashapp lchic13 -Instagram

  78. Crystel Villatoro

    Crystel Villatoro5 months ago

    I love this cake !!😍 $crysstel

  79. Karliyah Baxter

    Karliyah Baxter5 months ago

    I love munching and watching your cake videos 😂❤️ $ksb321 @karliyah_b

  80. Skilyn Arroyos

    Skilyn Arroyos5 months ago

    “not my audience hungry” lmaoooo 😂

  81. Princess Vicky

    Princess Vicky5 months ago

    Omg 😱 that’s a lot of cake $Kikilove06

  82. Janeth Saucedo

    Janeth Saucedo5 months ago

    Omg this cake!!!! I love it idk why but this year I’m into the gingerbread vibes lol

  83. Nayeli Lomas

    Nayeli Lomas5 months ago

    You are so talented! Ig:nlomas15 Cashapp: $nlomas18

  84. Monica Rubio

    Monica Rubio5 months ago


  85. Jovanna Rosales

    Jovanna Rosales5 months ago

    Love love ❤️

  86. Caitlyn Mckenna

    Caitlyn Mckenna5 months ago

    Love this🤍

  87. Cerina Roman

    Cerina Roman5 months ago

    Who eats these

  88. Lency Perez

    Lency Perez5 months ago

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  89. Erika Guzman

    Erika Guzman5 months ago

    So cute baby G awee his so big I love this cake! $diamond050607

  90. Meri and Luis

    Meri and Luis5 months ago

    You make me want to bake and I don’t even bake! You’re so talented Les🤩🤩🤩

  91. Paige Tamez

    Paige Tamez5 months ago

    He's so cute!! $paiget99

  92. Erika Guzman

    Erika Guzman5 months ago

    I look so stressed when I bake lol and her como si nada love it 😍 les is goals!

  93. Elsa Paulina Ruiz

    Elsa Paulina Ruiz5 months ago

    Not me being on a diet wanting cake 😩😩$Pauruiz98

  94. Jesstylist M

    Jesstylist M5 months ago

    It came out perfect 😍😍😍

  95. Arlen Hernandez

    Arlen Hernandez5 months ago

    it looks amazing can only imagine how tired you felt...but guuuurrrl what is you doing with all those cakes 😍😍

  96. Magda Lopez

    Magda Lopez5 months ago

    So cute!!! My fav so far 😍

  97. Francisca Leonides

    Francisca Leonides5 months ago

    Hello Leslie, what food coloring do you use?

  98. Olivier Cox

    Olivier Cox5 months ago

    OMG I LOVE IT!! ❤️❤️❤️

  99. Adriana Mora

    Adriana Mora5 months ago

    I freaking love this!!

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    Yoselin Torres5 months ago

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