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  1. Christina Quiroz

    Christina Quiroz39 minutes ago

    What I love about les is she domt allow herself evaaaaaa to get ugly drunk hahahahha she's a smart gal. Love her n congrats

  2. JAAR

    JAARHour ago

    She says little party and has a whole banda lol 😆 go baby girl!

  3. Marla Perales

    Marla Perales2 hours ago

    Damn that party reminded me of the movie Epic!!! 🙂 Nice

  4. Melanie G.

    Melanie G.2 hours ago


  5. angie Esquivel

    angie Esquivel2 hours ago

    Your dad had a great idea, those videos even without sound made it better 💕

  6. Jenavee XO

    Jenavee XO5 hours ago

    dangggg eldon looked fine😭😭

  7. Jenavee XO

    Jenavee XO5 hours ago

    I love the USloft video idea on the TV!!!🥺🥺 your dads so cute

  8. krisnpriscillaify

    krisnpriscillaify6 hours ago

    So proud of you make el paso so proud ❤

  9. Lifee WithP

    Lifee WithP10 hours ago

    What platform hit 2MIL?

  10. Candy Flores

    Candy Flores14 hours ago

    Omg! Love love it!! But now I have a cruda just watching!! It was a whole vibe!! 🔥🔥

  11. maria alvarez

    maria alvarez16 hours ago

    Hiiiiiiii I love you girl

  12. Don Briggs

    Don Briggs20 hours ago

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  13. Lupe

    Lupe21 hour ago

    Okay can like you invite us next time 🥲 comadre your party looks so lit 🔥

  14. Thania Guizar

    Thania GuizarDay ago

    My favs all in one video 💖

  15. Brisa Esquivel

    Brisa EsquivelDay ago

    Lit af! I loved this vlog, congrats on 2M. ❤️

  16. Tiffany Wright

    Tiffany WrightDay ago

    If this is just a party, I can't imagine what your wedding will be like! Awesome!🥳🥳

  17. Mya Ramirez

    Mya RamirezDay ago

    2 million of what ?? I’m so lost 🤣😭

  18. alejandra z

    alejandra zDay ago

    I'm a big fan of les.. i just hope everyone was being careful.. covid is very real!!!

  19. Michac22 Coop

    Michac22 CoopDay ago

    Could’ve lived without the debauchery of watching the gay dude and hump the ground with his body yuck

  20. Michac22 Coop

    Michac22 CoopDay ago

    Congrats Les!

  21. aloya80

    aloya80Day ago

    Aww your dad is so proud of you that he wanted you on the screens! Eres un orgullo para tus papás! Keep being you and congrats! This is just the beginning for you!!

  22. Kimi Martinez

    Kimi MartinezDay ago

    Anybody know the song at 21:37 causee it sounds fire :p ??

  23. 믿다

    믿다Day ago

    Omg who’s the girl at 20:00 she’s gorg!! 🎊

  24. Diana Nieto

    Diana NietoDay ago

    Damn she really throws lit assss 🔥 parties!!!

  25. Yolanda Sanchez

    Yolanda SanchezDay ago

    I love her so muchhhhhh !!!!! Her vibe is everything !!!

  26. maria herrera

    maria herreraDay ago

    Drunk les “ you think sooo “ 😂🤣 me af

  27. Alain

    AlainDay ago

    I’m Karen getting up after being bent over on Sebas 😙 lmao 🤍🤍

  28. Yami

    YamiDay ago

    Dopest vlog! Such a vibe!

  29. Diana Belle

    Diana Belle2 days ago

    13:00-13:09 when you know LES And the camera girl are LIIT af already ...LMAO😆 Les: (explaining something) "WAIT CAN YOU HEAR me?!? camera girl: "I dunno... " 🥴 🤷🏻‍♀️ 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  30. Paola Campos

    Paola Campos2 days ago

    I can’t with baby g. He’s too cute!! 🥰❤️

  31. Vanessa Castrejon

    Vanessa Castrejon2 days ago

    I heard les is rude to her fans in real life🤭

  32. Lesli Gonzalez

    Lesli Gonzalez2 days ago


  33. Sonny & Vañee

    Sonny & Vañee2 days ago

    Turning up with all of you guys is definitely on my bucket list 💯🙌🏻🥴🥰💗🍾🥂 love all you hoochies 😆❤️ stay blessed 🙏🏻❤️

  34. josekaka8

    josekaka82 days ago

    why are you always trying to do the things Alondra and benny do...

  35. xowenmel

    xowenmel2 days ago

    Vlex has fern the plug there lol

  36. Jana Aragon

    Jana Aragon2 days ago

    What a vibe!!! 🤩

  37. Susie Lopez

    Susie Lopez2 days ago

    “You guys are the cutest ever” Les “you think so 🥺” her face of happiness was so cute!! I love you Les ❤️❤️❤️

  38. Jazelle Banuelos

    Jazelle Banuelos2 days ago

    Les yu look gorgeous. Congrats on yur success

  39. Susie Lopez

    Susie Lopez2 days ago

    Your dad is your #1 supporter! A little late but congrats baby girl!! We love you ❤️❤️

  40. Andrea alba

    Andrea alba2 days ago

    The guy in the very end w the black shirt “see why I didn’t do it?”😂😂😂😂

  41. Adriana G

    Adriana G2 days ago

    I love how les is so unproblomatic and drama less that everyone came down and had a good time! CONGRATS babygirl!

  42. Prisilla Ortiz

    Prisilla Ortiz2 days ago

    Congratulations 🎉

  43. Esther Cervantes

    Esther Cervantes2 days ago

    Y’all got lit!!!!!

  44. Brissa Romero

    Brissa Romero2 days ago

    Little late to the party but I need me one of these type of Parties in my life ❤️‍🔥🥵🥳 congrats Les 🤪

  45. Selena Bertadillo

    Selena Bertadillo2 days ago

    Ohm I need to get litty watching these lmao

  46. Liz Crisantos

    Liz Crisantos2 days ago

    “My guest expect pica pica!” Me right away thinking of Laura 😂😂😂😭

  47. Brenda Nieves

    Brenda Nieves2 days ago

    Congrats 🎊

  48. Meliweli

    Meliweli2 days ago

    Y’all passed the vibe check playing Los Angeles Azules at the after party 🤪 hahaha

  49. Joanna De Santiago

    Joanna De Santiago2 days ago

    I love how all of there parties have banda ❤️❤️❤️ congrats on 2 million 💕

  50. J & K VLOGS

    J & K VLOGS2 days ago

    Loovvveeeeee it😍 Congratulations les! 🙏🏽

  51. Summer Nelson

    Summer Nelson2 days ago

    How did the neighbors feel?😂😂

  52. Candy Bartolomucci

    Candy Bartolomucci2 days ago

    Her parents not really expecting that kind of turn up and still having just all these ppl at their house... My parents could never. And that's with my mom and dad living in a private community😳

  53. G Contreras

    G Contreras2 days ago

    Love seeing karen around leslie and cassie!

  54. Maria Pacheco

    Maria Pacheco3 days ago

    Congrats on your 2 Million y vamos por más baby girl

  55. tunechi g

    tunechi g3 days ago

    Yall be getting to lit whats the secret to stay sober 😆😆

  56. Sariis Makeup

    Sariis Makeup3 days ago

    Can local bloggers get invited next time 🥺…

  57. Osmara Gómez

    Osmara Gómez3 days ago

    y’all saying como va estar el baustismo, imagínate como va estar la boda 🥴 but congratulations les!!💗

  58. Mebeline Berruecos

    Mebeline Berruecos3 days ago


  59. Areli Orozco

    Areli Orozco3 days ago

    Louie in the background dying from the shot 😂

  60. Josie FA

    Josie FA3 days ago

    I kept on waiting for the “crazy”

  61. Brianna Muniz

    Brianna Muniz3 days ago

    Omg I love how your friends have became your family & they also include their family in the fun 😭❤️ this is just a wholesome group and I hope one day to be friends with y’all! & omg at 15:44 Victor is me concerned about Oakley in the back 😂😂😂

  62. Gilberto Perez

    Gilberto Perez3 days ago

    Que sele bravan 🙂

  63. Teasee Lua

    Teasee Lua3 days ago

    Where's my flash , I need a light 😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀 Jesus had me fuckinggg dead !

  64. Christine Russell

    Christine Russell3 days ago

    You’ve come along way Les I’ve been watching you for a long time doing makeup and going to college you were staying with your parents you and Alex just broke up 💔😢 then later on you two reunited finally 💕🥰 I really do enjoy all your videos and I love you and the family. This was a fabulous party you know how to throw a party 🎉 🎈I was glad to see the BB twins 👯‍♀️ ♥️them!! So Congratulations on 2Mil🍾🎉🎊

  65. Ashley

    Ashley3 days ago

    Congrats Girly .

  66. Jordan

    Jordan3 days ago

    What’s the name of the song that starts playing at 20:40?

  67. hannah morales

    hannah morales3 days ago

    Y’all were drunk drunk lol 😂 love it!! 🥰

  68. Lillie Tijerina

    Lillie Tijerina3 days ago


  69. Marlissa Cantu

    Marlissa Cantu3 days ago

    The disillusioned tire unequivocally crawl because nylon premenstrually move at a juicy spruce. juvenile, malicious cent

  70. Maria Nunez

    Maria Nunez3 days ago

    I want to throw a party when i reach 2M in my bank account 😂 Pues nunca hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  71. Lizbeth Galvan

    Lizbeth Galvan3 days ago

    Todo a su tiempo ya se YA SE CHINGAOO!! Pero Alex needs to marry the sh**t out of Les already!!!! Soo beautiful talented woman!!! Congratulations Les!!! 🥂 to the next 2M !!

  72. Katie Ruiz

    Katie Ruiz3 days ago

    I feel like I got a hangover from just watching this 😂😂😂

  73. Evelyn Nunez

    Evelyn Nunez3 days ago

    Ughhh love Karennnnn and Les😍😍

  74. Dolly Amore

    Dolly Amore3 days ago

    You should of done the tiktok that’s going around saying your name and saying this is my first shot and then your last shot lmfaoo

  75. celina hernandez

    celina hernandez4 days ago

    Comment number #2 just wanna say I love how Alex is so freaken supportive on anything les wants to do and is her hype man u guys deserve this really ❤

  76. celina hernandez

    celina hernandez4 days ago

    U know what before I even finish this video just wanna say I'm so glad u guys went wild and let go u guys are absolutely fucken amazing beautiful parents to baby G every parent is entitled to have fun u ik many haters would say u guys have baby g and drinking but u guys are the parents u know what's best for baby G and awesome parents to know u guys wouldn't put him in a situation that u guys weren't comfortable with and him either shout out to u les sorry for being late to congratulate u but u deserve it girl u n Alex both much love 💖

  77. ١١١١١١١٢٢٢٢٢٢٢ وسام

    ١١١١١١١٢٢٢٢٢٢٢ وسام4 days ago


  78. Valeria Sandoval213

    Valeria Sandoval2134 days ago

    The blues clues is meeeeee

  79. Mayrani Cortes

    Mayrani Cortes4 days ago

    She said “i decided to throw us a little party”

  80. Alyssa Mantione

    Alyssa Mantione4 days ago

    2 million on what?

  81. Anthony Najera

    Anthony Najera4 days ago


  82. Daisy Arteaga

    Daisy Arteaga4 days ago

    I feel like benny and alo would fit good in this friend group..

  83. Nancy Rios

    Nancy Rios4 days ago

    Love how she made everybody feel included, and did anyone notice how Alex was waiting for her outside the restroom, so cute 🥰

  84. Crystal Lara

    Crystal Lara4 days ago

    I got drunk watching this video 😂 congrats Les!

  85. Jenny Rmz

    Jenny Rmz4 days ago

    i love how she can have fun and manage to include baby G and make sure they both have fun together. Congratz mama bear!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. dllanas76

    dllanas764 days ago

    Omg congratulations Les!!..I love Cassie MUA😍❤️

  87. Gladys Castillo

    Gladys Castillo4 days ago

    I’m confused to WHERE she hit 2 million.

  88. Megan Sanchez

    Megan Sanchez4 days ago

    Looked like everyone had a blast! MEEE wanting to get fucked up like them 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

  89. JACKIE

    JACKIE4 days ago

    That shit looked lit 🔥 I’m ready to party 🎉 congrats babygirlllll

  90. Yuriko Carrillo

    Yuriko Carrillo4 days ago

    Lit ass party!

  91. Irianna Ibarra

    Irianna Ibarra4 days ago

    Those are the type of partys that i need to get invited too 😂😂😂

  92. CL 23

    CL 234 days ago

    Me watching this with my miserable lonely life. Wishing I was her.

  93. Candy Bartolomucci

    Candy Bartolomucci2 days ago

    Don't ever wish you can do it too

  94. Krystal De Leon

    Krystal De Leon4 days ago

    Love this!! ❤️Where is Laura and Dhar?! ☹️

  95. Jaquelyn Cardenas

    Jaquelyn Cardenas4 days ago

    I fucking love you Les you deserve this any day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m just upset about something! Why TF WASNT I INVITED 😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍🤣💗 another then that everyone knows how to act even all drunk!!!!

  96. Janeth Saucedo

    Janeth Saucedo4 days ago

    Awe your dad is so cute!!! 🥺❤️ he’s proud of his baby girl

  97. Somaira Rose

    Somaira Rose4 days ago

    Finally! The Murillo twins include. 💕

  98. Guadalupe Ambriz

    Guadalupe Ambriz4 days ago

    I wonder why Dhar and Laura didn’t go 🥺😭

  99. Edith Vanessa Salinas

    Edith Vanessa Salinas4 days ago

    Not my suegro saying he partied with Alex and Victor and checking lol 😂 just cause you in El Paso doesn’t mean you did lol. I told him no pictures then it didn’t happen 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

  100. Hello Mynameis

    Hello Mynameis4 days ago

    Did this seem fishy to anyone? 18:11 like that girl with jesus was acting so weird

  101. Selena Duarte

    Selena Duarte4 days ago

    Me coming back 2 days later to watch it againnn 😍🍾