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  1. Ivettee G.

    Ivettee G.2 months ago

    Les is sooo talented it makes me wanna learn how to make cakes now 😭😌😌

  2. Let Them Eat Cake II

    Let Them Eat Cake II2 months ago

    Much love but, I wish you would talk just a tad slower.

  3. Yarielys Flores

    Yarielys Flores4 months ago

    Can you do a video on a buttercream recipe??❤️❤️

  4. Yissvi Huerta-Valadez

    Yissvi Huerta-Valadez4 months ago

    its nice

  5. Amber&Cory *

    Amber&Cory *5 months ago

    Les: “what do you rate it?” Alex: “you already kno all your cakes are fire” GOALS 🥺🥰 Btw: Loved the bloopers ❤️

  6. spinach Network

    spinach Network5 months ago

    I lovw how fast you talk omggg. Only USloftr that gets striaght to the point. LOL I CAN ACC GO THRU ALL UR VIDEOS WITHOUT GETTING BORED

  7. Elwood Nass

    Elwood Nass5 months ago

    The vulgar anatomy naturally cycle because notebook preoperatively load round a four frail margaret. combative, orange hydrant

  8. Emily Zarate

    Emily Zarate5 months ago

    Im soo late to seeing your videos

  9. justine lynn

    justine lynn5 months ago

    Stop looking at them camera in there corner lol its driving me crazy 😂 Beautiful cake

  10. lesle noriega

    lesle noriega5 months ago

    I am Lesile to

  11. Maria Kraft

    Maria Kraft5 months ago

    i so wish u can make me a cake for my 13 year anniversary i would glady pay for it but i know u dont do that n plus for it to be delivered to masshasuetts will get here destroyed ur cakes be making me hungry all the time u do such an amazing job

  12. Marcela Baires

    Marcela Baires5 months ago

    CakeMAS OMG I LOVE HOW YOU DO CAKE ? Teach us how too Cook delicious food too

  13. Brittany Aguilar

    Brittany Aguilar5 months ago

    Lol a little dizzy moment. That’s me aver si se caí uno 😅 $BrittanyA235

  14. Maria Aguilar

    Maria Aguilar5 months ago

    I need to learn how to layer cakes like you 🥺 you make it look so easyyyyy $mdcar1998

  15. Camila Hernandez

    Camila Hernandez5 months ago

    Where did you get the top for your flour container? Where can I buy it?

  16. Lovely Creations

    Lovely Creations5 months ago

    Lovely_model_kari_ @$leo8729

  17. Lovely Creations

    Lovely Creations5 months ago

    $leo8729 I love all your cakemas videos 😍

  18. Vivian Argueta

    Vivian Argueta5 months ago

    Love all your videos! God bless you and your family! $viviansdecor

  19. Wendy S.

    Wendy S.5 months ago


  20. Sandra Ovalle

    Sandra Ovalle5 months ago

    Love it $sgil15

  21. Judith Gonzalez

    Judith Gonzalez5 months ago

    Yesss, love the creativity♥️💜. I’m not big on baking but I do enjoy watching it come together.$jgracegonzalez20

  22. Leili Espindola

    Leili Espindola5 months ago

    Loved every single one of your Cakemas videos 💕 you’re so talented.

  23. Mano Bahe

    Mano Bahe5 months ago

    Loving cakemas

  24. Andrea Barragan

    Andrea Barragan5 months ago

    Cakemas! Love it! $andybs2016

  25. Elsa G.

    Elsa G.5 months ago

    Love to see when you cook🥰🥰🥰🥰

  26. M

    M5 months ago

    Wow just wow $koolhdz @kathiahernandezz

  27. Joy Richards

    Joy Richards5 months ago

    Love your videos $joyrichards1 @takevows

  28. Lexie Beaver

    Lexie Beaver5 months ago

    I love the everyday videos @lillex

  29. A Garcia

    A Garcia5 months ago

    Such a cute cake!

  30. loca.elmo69

    loca.elmo695 months ago

    "Your cakes are always fire" 🤣🤣 I wish we could try them lol $sept013

  31. Ese Aunese

    Ese Aunese5 months ago

    OMG, so sad CAKEMAS is done .... loved seeing all the different desserts you have been sharing! 🥰🙌 So cute & festive, but also so easy & affordable at the same time! Thanks for all the tips, ideas, & laughs for CAKEMAS 2020! So excited to see where you & the fam will go in 2021, LOVE YA’LL! Happy holidays to you guys! ❤️❤️ (IG: @itsjusstt.ese / CA: $ex2la)

  32. ally medina

    ally medina5 months ago

    “a little getting them dizzy moment” IM DEAD 😂💀

  33. VRod102

    VRod1025 months ago

    Loving all these beautiful cakes les!

  34. Laura Yepez

    Laura Yepez5 months ago

    The best thing of all cakemas videos are the Bloopers😂 $lauraye

  35. Lisa Pastrano

    Lisa Pastrano5 months ago

    Omg I need more cakemas bloopers!!!

  36. Sarai Sanders

    Sarai Sanders5 months ago

    So amazingly talented!❤❤❤ $SaraiArmijo

  37. alyssa leija

    alyssa leija5 months ago

    She a professional 💁🏼‍♀️😍😍

  38. Maria Lovee

    Maria Lovee5 months ago

    You are goals 🥰🥰 saludos girl ❤️ @glamyesenia_ $Glamyeseniaa

  39. Alicia Castillo

    Alicia Castillo5 months ago

    Alex dancing. 😆 Aye el nino tan chulo Speak_freely57

  40. Elena Hernandez

    Elena Hernandez5 months ago

    Love watching your videos Les, your energy is like no other, incomparable! Baby G is soooo adorable!!!! 💕 $deniseelena

  41. Anyssa Perez

    Anyssa Perez5 months ago

    Happy holidays everyone! Hope everyone has a blessed Christmas and New Year! I’m currently 32weeks 5days pregnant🥳 $anysstaylorr insta: anyssa_taylor

  42. Guadalupe Martinez

    Guadalupe Martinez5 months ago

    Love all the ideas of CakeMas $MartinezG05

  43. Cecilia Ruano

    Cecilia Ruano5 months ago

    I would totally buy a cake from you Leslie! Youre awesome.

  44. Jeimy Angelito

    Jeimy Angelito5 months ago

    Loving cakemas so much!! IG: angelito924

  45. Magdalena Tamayo

    Magdalena Tamayo5 months ago

    Happy holidays $Maggietam44

  46. Mirandaa Barraza

    Mirandaa Barraza5 months ago

    So cute 😍😍 loved all the cakes you did les !

  47. Lethi Renteria

    Lethi Renteria5 months ago

    OMG too funny, I love watching you I am a new follower on your FB and Instagram and now here...yah! now on to watching Day 4, $oneangel4u

  48. Lindsey Godoy

    Lindsey Godoy5 months ago

    $lindsey0582 And omg BABY G SO BIG 😭😭

  49. Alondra Gracia

    Alondra Gracia5 months ago

    Dont Have An IG😭😭 But i Follow you on all the social media🥰 $Alondradelcastillo2

  50. Jeanette Bravo

    Jeanette Bravo5 months ago

    Love watching you barking videos 😍 $jeanette3797 @janet27

  51. alexis rose

    alexis rose5 months ago

    I would have never thought to add cookies in the middle sounds so good 🤤 @themisfitalexis $AlexisRoseBarker

  52. Elena Chacon

    Elena Chacon5 months ago

    Baby G is so adorable😍 $LennyChac1 IG: bitchy_angels

  53. Sandra Puentes

    Sandra Puentes5 months ago


  54. Ivona Mona

    Ivona Mona5 months ago

    Seeing your videos everyday just makes my day... its my relax time from all my kids

  55. jasmine luna

    jasmine luna5 months ago

    Hope I win!!! You are my favorite USloft been riding with you since Facebook Live days 🥺❤️ cash app: $jassyluna

  56. Kendall Yanez

    Kendall Yanez5 months ago

    baby G and alex are meeeee coming in the room to show mama how cute ❤️👯‍♀️ $bbmariia evesmama_._

  57. Joanna Ruiz

    Joanna Ruiz5 months ago

    Ig: Amberleelopezz Cash app $amberleelopezzz

  58. Kendall Yanez

    Kendall Yanez5 months ago

    I want to one day start making desserts and cakes 🎂 for events for family and so on ❤️ $bbmariia evesmama_._

  59. Kimberly Ruiz

    Kimberly Ruiz5 months ago

    Kimberly 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  60. KariiSamar Toriz

    KariiSamar Toriz5 months ago

    You make them cakes look so easy ✨🎄😍

  61. And CR

    And CR5 months ago

    beautiful!!! this has made my christmas 10x better . these videos are so fun

  62. Carla Quintana

    Carla Quintana5 months ago

    Omg i love this cake and looks so yummy..

  63. Zaira Silverio

    Zaira Silverio5 months ago

    I’ve been living Cakemas I have learned some tips and tricks to recreate some cakes with my little brother 🥰. $ZairaSilverio

  64. Life with Ari

    Life with Ari5 months ago

    Baby Go is me living my best life lol jk I don’t I have three boys to take care of, that gives me hardly any me time $ArianaTorres88

  65. Amy M 779

    Amy M 7795 months ago

    “He’s really gonna stay there by himself?” 🤣🤣🤣 $amymtz11 IG: amymtz11

  66. FidgeToys_chanfox_jr

    FidgeToys_chanfox_jr5 months ago

    I like it so much

  67. Brianna Dixon

    Brianna Dixon5 months ago

    I love the way les talk to baby G love the way Alex supports les $jordynnmommy2020 @Lovelybribri_

  68. Dayanara Williams

    Dayanara Williams5 months ago

    You talking too fast 😬😬

  69. L Perez

    L Perez5 months ago

    Alex's support is the cutest "your cakes are always fire" 😍

  70. Raquel Alvarado

    Raquel Alvarado5 months ago

    So talented les 🤗 $ItsLifeRaquel

  71. Carla Lopez

    Carla Lopez5 months ago

    You are so talented!!! $carlalopez96 @lopezzzzc

  72. Karla Valdez

    Karla Valdez5 months ago

    When the gingerbread cookie fell I was like “Noooooo!!!” & Asuste a mi baby😂 $Karlita1822

  73. Rikki R Arguelles

    Rikki R Arguelles5 months ago

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    Neasa Nino5 months ago

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  75. Juana Lucas

    Juana Lucas5 months ago

    Ur so talented les

  76. Hania Davila

    Hania Davila5 months ago

    That gingerbread falling is literally me 😂😂 I want to be as talented as you 😩❤️

  77. Lacey Martinez

    Lacey Martinez5 months ago

    Aw I love how Alex loves everything you do. He's definitely your hype man🥰

  78. Carmen Vazquez

    Carmen Vazquez5 months ago


  79. Crystal Ervin

    Crystal Ervin5 months ago

    Love grabbing some snacks & watching your Cakemas videos after my kids go to sleep 😂 Please make more back to back videos! IG: crystalmarie92_ PP:

  80. Estrellita Hernandez

    Estrellita Hernandez5 months ago

    Lo bueno que no es Professional. A bueno, pa saber!🤣😂

  81. diana martinez

    diana martinez5 months ago

    You’re so talented 🥺 I enjoy watching you ! Deeexoo

  82. Ann Gonzalez

    Ann Gonzalez5 months ago

    I love your videos, I thought I saw you on the freeway in your Corvette but it wasn’t you 😢😢😭💔💔 $Annmarieg08

  83. yesenia hernandez

    yesenia hernandez5 months ago

    $yesenia56 insta yesenia_56 . Loving this cakemas series 😍

  84. Maria Fuentes

    Maria Fuentes5 months ago

    That's a big ass stick the first gingerbread man is holding 😂😂😂stripper gingerbread man

  85. Vanessa Padilla

    Vanessa Padilla5 months ago

    I love cakemas!!!! @vanessaaaa_87

  86. Mayra Menchaca

    Mayra Menchaca5 months ago

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  87. Sheri Marie

    Sheri Marie5 months ago

    I love that you show the Bloopers 😂 when the gingerbread fell made me lol

  88. Cinthya Castro

    Cinthya Castro5 months ago

    Iove how u love making cakes. Te quedo chido el pastel

  89. karliitaa4

    karliitaa45 months ago

    Awww what Alex said was so cute, he is the #1 fan of your cakes, GOALS!!!!! $Karlita1822

  90. Gina Elise

    Gina Elise5 months ago

    I’m watching this on my tv while commenting from my phone ha :) IG: tx_g cashapp: $GinaHubert

  91. Yashira Rivera

    Yashira Rivera5 months ago

    I love Cakemas 🎂🎄 I learn so much from Les! Les- “Rate it..” Alex- “Babe you know all your cakes are fire” Aww 🥰 Pleaseeeee get married already ❤️ $RicanQueen27

  92. m m

    m m5 months ago

    Hey Les, love the ideas we all learned from the best !!!!!! @marsela27 $marsela1207

  93. Priscila De Hoyos

    Priscila De Hoyos5 months ago


  94. Priscila De Hoyos

    Priscila De Hoyos5 months ago

    Your so beautiful 🥺 lol

  95. Gisselle Verduzco

    Gisselle Verduzco5 months ago

    I seriously can’t with you! I couldn’t stop laughing after you showed us how you envisioned the gingerbread “man or women” falling 😂😂 @Gisselle-Verduzco

  96. Raquel Alvarado

    Raquel Alvarado5 months ago

    This is honestly better than any vlogmas I've ever seen!!!! 🤗🎂🎄 $ItsLifeRaquel

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    Kashmir Perez5 months ago

    These are my fav videos Venmo Kashmir-Perez

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    Angela Magdaleno5 months ago

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  99. SANDY B

    SANDY B5 months ago

    Love it!! I live this series. IG: dancesbt C.A: $SandyB89

  100. Mariel Hernandez

    Mariel Hernandez5 months ago

    Im in love with CAKEMAS !!! Les is so talented 🥺 $marielvhernandez @marielvhernandez