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  1. Anna Alfaro

    Anna Alfaro6 hours ago

    Where did your mom get her tag along cazuela?

  2. Anna Alfaro

    Anna Alfaro6 hours ago

    Yes. More cooking shows with mama.

  3. Lovely Lids

    Lovely Lids3 days ago

    Show us how to make them beans girl! Lol

  4. Bro

    Bro4 days ago

    Lol my mom works with her mom

  5. Veronica Flores

    Veronica Flores4 days ago

    Loved this video do more cooking videos with your mom!

  6. amy longoria

    amy longoria6 days ago

    Cute video 💚

  7. Liz Garcia

    Liz Garcia6 days ago

    Yes please share more recipes with mom!!

  8. Yolanda Mora

    Yolanda Mora6 days ago

    😍 Que ricooo 🤤😋

  9. Marisela Torres

    Marisela Torres7 days ago

    Yo también como asi pero me da poca pena 😂😂 mee

  10. Jackie Bernal

    Jackie Bernal7 days ago

    Tortas ahogadas

  11. cynthiayvette1

    cynthiayvette17 days ago

    Jaja. Que risa. Se lava?! Pues si yo comía tierra de chiquita. 😂😂😂

  12. elizandra guevara

    elizandra guevara7 days ago

    Girl that looks so good 😩 I want some show us how you make the beans 🙏

  13. Melinda Lopez

    Melinda Lopez7 days ago

    Now u gotta show us how to make the beans!

  14. Ohh Ame

    Ohh Ame8 days ago

    My moms ingredients are almost the same and somehow these look so different from my moms but still look 🔥 😋

  15. Rita Z. Santana

    Rita Z. Santana10 days ago

    Loved this video ❤

  16. The Life Of Vero

    The Life Of Vero10 days ago

    Her telling you que t falta el caldo de pollo and telling you que no tienen filo tus cuchillos is my mom ALWAYS! lol 😆

  17. Yesenia Torres

    Yesenia Torres10 days ago

    Omg ya se me antojo 😋🤣

  18. Nicole Romero

    Nicole Romero11 days ago

    Looks so good! Will definitely be trying it! Love your Mom so much!

  19. Michelle

    Michelle11 days ago

    Your mom literally is the cutest lady EVERRR lol❤❤❤❤🥺🥺🥺💕💕💕 Definitely more videos #MamaLes ❤❤❤ we need a wholeeee 'nother YT channel with just you 2 and her recipes 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  20. I'M HER

    I'M HER12 days ago

    I enjoyed this video of u and ur mom💞💞......BTW the food look 🔥🔥🔥

  21. Aquarius Roldan

    Aquarius Roldan12 days ago

    Omg I’m going to make these for my mom she’s gonna be so proud these look just like hers! 🤤🤤 and your mom is the cutest!!

  22. Stephanie

    Stephanie13 days ago

    Everyone always says que les gusta picoso and put like 3/4 serranos, while I add 7/8 lol no wonder I have heartburn issues

  23. Michelle

    Michelle11 days ago

    THIS lmao... I be making my salsas with Like 5/6 serranos and chiles de arbol tostados.. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  24. Amanda Mendoza

    Amanda Mendoza13 days ago

    The daffy insect naturalistically mend because cyclone nationally injure round a subdued success. lively, invincible glockenspiel

  25. Rosio Vasquez

    Rosio Vasquez14 days ago

    Y'all should make more videos of recipes with your mom for sure!! I'm getting married soon so I need to be ready for the señora life🤣 lol

  26. Amanda Mendoza

    Amanda Mendoza14 days ago

    The truthful litter psychologically close because college lovely dam during a panicky sturgeon. military, belligerent whistle

  27. Sara Isabella

    Sara Isabella15 days ago

    I would love to see her do menudo!

  28. Hope Larkin

    Hope Larkin15 days ago

    Make real chili verde

  29. Amanda Mendoza

    Amanda Mendoza17 days ago

    The abstracted discovery visually spare because pheasant nomenclaturally challenge alongside a dysfunctional john. sharp, helpful oil

  30. Adriana G

    Adriana G18 days ago

    Pleaseeeeeee, pleaseeee stop yelling ahhhh. Been watching for years but your ahhh is just annoying. No need for hate, I’m literally just asking nicely.

  31. pig the pug

    pig the pug20 days ago

    I'm making the costillas but I got baby back ribs 😋

  32. lupita alcantar

    lupita alcantar20 days ago

    You know it’s bout to be bussin when our moms bring out the princess house

  33. Gladies Heredia

    Gladies Heredia20 days ago

    Omg love you mama. Please do more cooking videos with your mama.! ❣️ do a whole segment on cooking with your mom.

  34. pig the pug

    pig the pug20 days ago

    I fry my ribs then let them boil for like 15 in the salsa


    IVETTE MONSALVO21 day ago

    “No es brujería” I love her!😍❤️

  36. Thina Monique

    Thina Monique21 day ago

    Omg looks delicious 🤤 now I really want to go to the restaurant 😃

  37. Nancy Moreno

    Nancy Moreno21 day ago

    Yes please more cooking episodes with your mom.

  38. Abigail Ruiz

    Abigail Ruiz22 days ago

    “No es brujeria esto” 😂😂😂

  39. Abigail Ruiz

    Abigail Ruiz22 days ago

    Your niece Looks just like your mom les 😭❤️

  40. Haydee Guzman

    Haydee Guzman22 days ago


  41. Amalia Rodriguez

    Amalia Rodriguez22 days ago

    Les saying I'll translate what my mom says in English and continues in Spanish 😂 OMG food looked 💣🤤😋 you and mom should make some birra taco's 🤤 your mom is so beautiful ❤️ do more cooking videos with her!

  42. Victoria Cardenas

    Victoria Cardenas22 days ago


  43. Kimberly Murillo

    Kimberly Murillo22 days ago

    Watching this at 2 am y ahora tengo hambre 😂

  44. Daniela Martinez

    Daniela Martinez23 days ago

    Please make more videos like this 🙏🏽 Maybe birria next time????

  45. Tammy Byers

    Tammy Byers23 days ago

    Are they pork or beef ribs?

  46. Mayra Bravo

    Mayra Bravo23 days ago

    Can I order this from your website?🤔🤣 it looks so damn good!🤤

  47. Abigail Zuniga

    Abigail Zuniga24 days ago

    Omg those ribs looked delicious 🤤 and yes les make more videos with your mom cooking would love to see more

  48. Elvia Lopez saved by grace!

    Elvia Lopez saved by grace!24 days ago

    Your mom is so cute!

  49. SeaAlina Channel

    SeaAlina Channel24 days ago

    I’m hungry!!! Love you and your mom

  50. Angelica F

    Angelica F25 days ago

    Love seeing you with your mom~! I’m all for learning her recipes, have her teach you to make menudo! I’d love to learn

  51. Luccia Ricciardiello

    Luccia Ricciardiello26 days ago

    I love you and your whole family 🙌🥰 Many Blessings 🙏♥️

  52. Violet V

    Violet V26 days ago

    Les take advantage and get all them recipes😊 it seems she has patience to teach you.There’s nothing better in the world than moms cooking.🙏 God bless her and thank you for sharing.

  53. Ruby Mendoza

    Ruby Mendoza27 days ago

    Love your mom and daughter Vibes! ❤ I actually followed this recipe, well my partner did and it was 🔥🔥😘🤌

  54. Shell Soto

    Shell Soto27 days ago

    My mouth is watering! Gotta make this tomorrow

  55. Alexis Baquera

    Alexis Baquera27 days ago

    Thank you so much for translating in English :) I hate missing out lol.

  56. Tanyaa. H

    Tanyaa. H27 days ago

    My mouth is watering 🤤 this has to be one of my favorite foods

  57. Arlet Rojas

    Arlet Rojas27 days ago

    I love this ❤️‼️

  58. Mariela Valencia

    Mariela Valencia28 days ago

    Love you and your mom less you guys are the best 💗

  59. blodynath 205

    blodynath 20528 days ago

    I made them and they came out bomb my suegra said " ya te puedes casar" (I'm already married) 🤣🤣

  60. Michelle Mendoza

    Michelle Mendoza28 days ago

    Your mom is lovely! 💕

  61. abbyguzman1

    abbyguzman128 days ago

    you and your mom are too cute. but now we need a video on how to make those beans and sopa de fideo please and thank you.

  62. marguerite dipizzo

    marguerite dipizzo28 days ago

    so cute she reps vlexin

  63. Naomi Martinez

    Naomi Martinez28 days ago

    “Pa que se bañen” 😭 I love her

  64. di vasco

    di vasco29 days ago

    I too make my own tomato sauce (salsa de tomate) for my rice for my sopa for everything!!! I usually make a big batch a put it small ziplocks in the freezer. Ready to use.

  65. 1234danielful

    1234danielful29 days ago

    Can’t wait to try this

  66. celestecatalan17

    celestecatalan1729 days ago

    I want the frijoles recipe

  67. Laura

    Laura29 days ago

    Les how do you say it in English? Proceeds to say everything in spanish lmaooo

  68. Debbie Torres

    Debbie Torres29 days ago

    Is the princess house skillet still available?

  69. BeautybyMercedez

    BeautybyMercedez29 days ago

    When me and my family went to el paso the day we were leaving it was early in the morning and so we stopped to get burritos from their restaurant And let me tell you!!!!! My whole family loved them!!! Freaken fire!!!!!

  70. Mama Sama

    Mama Sama29 days ago

    You need subtitles 😵‍💫😵‍💫😭😭😩

  71. Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez29 days ago

    I loooove her 💗💗💗 Who’s for more cooking videos w Les’ mom 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ oh & Les’ laugh @ 14:44 😂😂😂

  72. Emely Arjona

    Emely ArjonaMonth ago

    I will definitely try this out the whole meal!!! Looks delicious!!!!!! And yes make more.videos with your momma les!!!!!

  73. Gladys Estefani

    Gladys EstefaniMonth ago

    I want to go eat at your parents restaurant so badly!!!

  74. Silvia V. Hurtado

    Silvia V. HurtadoMonth ago

    You said “ con la misma agua que soltó las tortillas “ 😂😂😂 ilyyy

  75. Rachel Kajese

    Rachel KajeseMonth ago

    You talk ssssoooo fast 😂😂😂

  76. Arleth

    ArlethMonth ago

    We need a cooking channel from your mom 🔥 👌🏽

  77. Darianaa Rosales

    Darianaa RosalesMonth ago

    Those costillas con nopalitos 😍

  78. Janice

    JaniceMonth ago

    Yummy 🤤

  79. Araceli Perez

    Araceli PerezMonth ago

    Yesss keep cooking with her and would love to see how she does the beans and ofcorse many other recipes I have never put the stuff on blender for the fidello but for sure will knw the food looks very delish 😋💕

  80. Daisy Sequeda

    Daisy SequedaMonth ago

    My mouth watering 🥺🤣

  81. Jasmine Figueroa

    Jasmine FigueroaMonth ago

    The word you were looking for was grill 🥰 love you!!!! 😝

  82. Vanah

    VanahMonth ago

    Omgg les 🥺🥺you made me miss my mama so much ! She was the best cook I miss her food so much ! You need to do more videos with her so you can have em for the baby & just to look back on. Much love Les & alwayssss call your mama & tell her you love her 🖤

  83. Lena Ayala

    Lena AyalaMonth ago

    1 of My favorite meals my mom makes ! 😍 Except my mom makes it w the riblets instead . Either way they're so good 😋

  84. Grace Watson

    Grace WatsonMonth ago

    HER PAPAS AND CHORIZO ARE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 my double chin is from her restaurant lol

  85. Amanda Johns

    Amanda JohnsMonth ago

    I loved u cooking with yr mom 🥰

  86. Brenda Gutierrez

    Brenda GutierrezMonth ago

    Next video should be recipe for birra please babygirl

  87. Brenda Gutierrez

    Brenda GutierrezMonth ago


  88. Deyanira Beltran

    Deyanira BeltranMonth ago

    Omg now I want some 😭😭😭

  89. Mel _Streetz

    Mel _StreetzMonth ago

    love this!! Hope you make more videos like this!

  90. Hillary Martinez

    Hillary MartinezMonth ago

    What cheese do you use on the beans ?

  91. Sonia Lopez

    Sonia LopezMonth ago

    Omggg Les tell your mom to cook us the menudo/posole!!!

  92. Lesdy ɞ

    Lesdy ɞMonth ago

    I will definitely make these soon! I love your moms food. 😋

  93. Kimberly Mendoza

    Kimberly MendozaMonth ago

    we need the frijoles recipe please 😩

  94. Carolina Chavez

    Carolina ChavezMonth ago

    Les your mom is so cute! I just wanna give her a hug!! Loved the video do more!!!

  95. Elsa Diaz

    Elsa DiazMonth ago

    Les your mom told you REFRITOS so many times and at the es she gave up lmaooo she didn’t correct you anymore

  96. Elsa Diaz

    Elsa DiazMonth ago

    I love how les is “translating” and she’s speaking spangalish so some things she doesn’t fully translate lmaooo not hating just laughing bc that’s me bitchhh🤣

  97. Andres Enrique

    Andres EnriqueMonth ago

    That's so my mom and me. When I moved out from my parent's home, I would call my mom for receipts. Specialmente, COSTILLITAS EN CHILE VERDE! lol

  98. Riah Mixed

    Riah MixedMonth ago

    Food looks yummy 😋

  99. Ashley Solis

    Ashley SolisMonth ago

    You are great! Just go slower in the intro!😩😩

  100. Monik Huerta

    Monik HuertaMonth ago

    Les you should bake a cake with your mom!! 🙌🏼

  101. Dana Jones

    Dana JonesMonth ago

    Of course I don’t know Spanish but I was sooo fascinated 🤣🥰💙

  102. MengesFamily ToSociety

    MengesFamily ToSocietyMonth ago

    We For sure need more videos with your mom!!! If only I knew Spanish. My family used Spanish as a “Secret” Language when we were growing up. So we didn’t know what they were talking about!!! 😭