BABY G'S FIRST BIRTHDAY! *emotional* 🥺

Hi babygirls! Thank you so much for watching and for supporting! I LOVE YOU!! ❤️❤️


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  1. lilly bennett

    lilly bennett10 days ago


  2. Teresa

    TeresaMonth ago

    I was smiling through out the video .. blessings to your baby 🍼🍼 he is so adorable ... 💙💙

  3. Life with Liz

    Life with LizMonth ago

    Girls are more sensitive and emotional, its okay

  4. Life with Liz

    Life with LizMonth ago

    Gael is the cuttest baby ever!!

  5. Landeros Sinaloa

    Landeros SinaloaMonth ago

    Que hermoso🥰

  6. itsstephanie

    itsstephanieMonth ago

    December 16 is also my little sister birthday but when he is two then my sister is one

  7. Eddy Lopez

    Eddy Lopez2 months ago

    Happy Bday Baby G 🎂

  8. david Gonzalez

    david Gonzalez2 months ago


  9. david Gonzalez

    david Gonzalez2 months ago


  10. joselynee vargass

    joselynee vargass3 months ago

    tell me why ive watched this video like 300 times and im still watching this march 2021

  11. Vanessa Rojo

    Vanessa Rojo3 months ago

    Aww happy birthday late lol it’s normal hun to cry god bless him and your family 🎈🎉🎂

  12. Anamariah C

    Anamariah C3 months ago

    lmao, i lost it when Baby G touched the candle. I did the same thing on my 1st birthday LMAO

  13. Crystall Barber

    Crystall Barber3 months ago

    I cried just as hard the first time i heard all my family singing happy birthday to my son..

  14. Brenda Cardenas

    Brenda Cardenas3 months ago

    Baby g is me so unbothered

  15. jalyn delrey

    jalyn delrey4 months ago

    So excited for my baby boys arrival in April! Happy birthday little one too many more! 🤍💙🙏🏼

  16. Tisha W

    Tisha W4 months ago

    U made me get teary eyed 🥺💙 they grow so fast right.

  17. Jenifer Estrada

    Jenifer Estrada4 months ago

    Awwww what a great birthday party for Baby G's first birthday! Happy birthday baby boy! 🎊🎉🎈🎂🍨🥳

  18. Jessica Gonzalez

    Jessica Gonzalez4 months ago

    Cried along with Les! Many blessings Baby G!

  19. Steph G

    Steph G4 months ago

    Does baby G walk already

  20. D.A ART

    D.A ART4 months ago

    Boutta watch baby g birthday vlog, so excited. CHILL VIBES TONIGHT

  21. L B

    L B4 months ago

    Omg baby peanut looks like Danny cash out 🥺

  22. Andrew Marshall

    Andrew Marshall4 months ago

    The blue-eyed replace socioeconomically snatch because lobster jointly tickle anenst a capable dinosaur. beautiful, malicious ferryboat

  23. erendira velasquez

    erendira velasquez4 months ago

    did someone say puchalo when alex was trying to smash his face in the cake? 😭😂

  24. Patty Barrera

    Patty Barrera5 months ago

    Girl it is not exaggeration... when my son reaches milestones I get emotional and he’s 16! lol

  25. Stephanie Hernandez

    Stephanie Hernandez5 months ago

    Soooo cute 😍😍❤️

  26. Onyx_Antonio

    Onyx_Antonio5 months ago

    Lul Jaime?

  27. ChingChunUn

    ChingChunUn3 months ago

    Squabble up foo

  28. Mayah Garcia

    Mayah Garcia5 months ago

    Baby G turned 1 & I turned 22 LOL! Still thinks it’s so cool we have the same birthdays 😎 I cried with you Les! He’s gotten so big 🥺❤️❤️

  29. sara f

    sara f5 months ago

    I been with you guys since you were in you parents house doing make up videos

  30. Toon She

    Toon She5 months ago

    He looks like an angel ❤. Praying the fam is doing well.

  31. Darling Herrera

    Darling Herrera5 months ago

    Wow I never thought of having a side of ice . That’s pretty smart !

  32. Valerie Marie Alameda

    Valerie Marie Alameda5 months ago

    Happy belated birthday BABY G ♥️

  33. Meylin Reyes

    Meylin Reyes5 months ago

    Girl same!! Balled my eyes out on my sons birthday 😭

  34. Quintaneshia Williams

    Quintaneshia Williams5 months ago

    Omg so beautiful

  35. Lorena Young

    Lorena Young5 months ago

    Les is me making everyone redo the bday song😂

  36. Christine Gomez

    Christine Gomez5 months ago

    Happy birthday baby G😊😚

  37. Veronica Chaires

    Veronica Chaires5 months ago

    Love me some baby G. 👌👍🏼🙌🏼🎂💯

  38. keke she

    keke she5 months ago

    omg this is so cute 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  39. Yanibel Mata

    Yanibel Mata5 months ago

    God bless that handsome little boy happy belated bday BABY GAEL ♥️

  40. NEO Xx

    NEO Xx5 months ago

    My birthday twin 🥰🥰

  41. Karina Trevino

    Karina Trevino5 months ago

    my daughter was born 5 days before baby g! while we watched this and you guys sang happy birthday, she clapped the entire time! happy birthday baby g!

  42. Alex Montenegro

    Alex Montenegro5 months ago

    any one come from tha tiktok.???

  43. Miich 'Azua

    Miich 'Azua5 months ago

    I cried like baby G was mine. Its so beautiful to see them grow. My son turned one last august we were only 3 (grandma, mami and him) i wish he couldve had little friends come over. Cake was bomb tho grandma pull up with a 2 floor baby shark cake like wow... happy birthday to ypur baby!!! Diosito los bendiga

  44. vaca Vasquez

    vaca Vasquez5 months ago

    I cried when my baby turned one 😭🥺 happy birthday baby g !

  45. Jessies Creations

    Jessies Creations5 months ago

    Happy birthday Baby Gael 🥳🥳🥳

  46. m rumpster

    m rumpster5 months ago

    10 piece chicken nuggets with bbq sauce 💀

  47. Tisha W

    Tisha W5 months ago


  48. Juelz Pintor

    Juelz Pintor5 months ago

    you guys have the best xmas intro hands down

  49. Selina Lerma

    Selina Lerma5 months ago

    Awe I love this happy late birthday baby g

  50. Ana E

    Ana E5 months ago

    How adorable loved when Les cried😍♥️🙏🏽🥳🎂🪅🎉🎊happy bday baby G😍GOD Bless🎁💐✨💗

  51. sauceee.

    sauceee.5 months ago

    Oh me still crying 2 weeks later 😭🥺🥳

  52. Eric Garcia

    Eric Garcia5 months ago

    I love the voice over saying "get your phone outta my face" 😂😂😂❤❤❤

  53. Yulisa Casarez

    Yulisa Casarez5 months ago

    Omg times fly but hopefully he’s safe all the time 🥰

  54. Leyda Gaytan

    Leyda Gaytan5 months ago

    lmaooooooo "woahhhh babe it's his birthday" Les: " oh sorry"

  55. Gianna Marie Otero

    Gianna Marie Otero5 months ago

    I’m literally crying right now 🥺💙

  56. Maira Tellez

    Maira Tellez5 months ago

    I had to like it before it started cause omg y’all are the best !! ♥️♥️

  57. conversations lets be real

    conversations lets be real5 months ago

    Girl I cry every year my son blows candles for his bday and his 8 now so if you cried for his 1st youre about to cry for every single year .

  58. Stephanie Gomez

    Stephanie Gomez5 months ago

    I cried so much when my son turned 1! He’s actually 10 days older than baby G. Seeing your babies grow is very emotional, but exciting at the same time. ♥️

  59. L Mz

    L Mz5 months ago

    Guys idk if it’s just me but his neck is always towards one side ? Do you see if

  60. TTGURL25

    TTGURL255 months ago

    Aww happy birthday darling.

  61. Erica Perez-Torres

    Erica Perez-Torres5 months ago

    Happy Birthday baby G!!❤️❤️🎂🎂🎉🎉 Les I have been following you since you were at your sisters house. I can’t believe Baby G is already one! Thank you so much for letting us be part of your life!❤️❤️ can’t wait to see what the future will bring your beautiful little family! 🤗🤗 sending you lots of blessings!!🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️

  62. Mayra Garcia

    Mayra Garcia5 months ago

    I was just pregnant mad at you haha Les you crack me up😂

  63. endure01 Angel

    endure01 Angel5 months ago

    Awwwwww! 🙏💙Blessings!

  64. Jaime Hoshino

    Jaime Hoshino5 months ago

    He burned his finger😭

  65. Elizabeth Guzman

    Elizabeth Guzman5 months ago

    ugh! I cried right along with her! LOL Sorry I'm Cancer and I'm sensitive.

  66. Leticia Nino

    Leticia Nino5 months ago

    Happy Birthday Baby G!!! Que chulo baby!

  67. The Ortega Family

    The Ortega Family5 months ago

    So me when I say one more time please let’s sing one more time lol

  68. Luciag Gallegos

    Luciag Gallegos5 months ago

    Leslie is meee saying the basketball 🏀 but holding the soccer ball lol 😂

  69. MamaBird 12

    MamaBird 125 months ago

    And it doesn’t get any eazyr with the second one u still cry 😢 why grow up so fast

  70. marilyn avery

    marilyn avery5 months ago

    i was in the hospital having my baby when i saw you posted this video les ! she was born the 16 ❤ im so behind on all your videos but now i get to catch up with things getting a little easier ❤

  71. Gabriela Salinas

    Gabriela Salinas5 months ago

    Les, your not a little concerned that baby G doesn’t speak very much? I know he’s only one but most babies are babbling a lot by this age.

  72. Gabriela Salinas

    Gabriela Salinas5 months ago

    @Mariah Ramirez-Maciel I have to disagree. Let me explain why we’ll I’m just curious if he’s always quiet I guess. I watch every single video and very rarely hear him babble. Not my kid though I just pointed it out.

  73. Mariah Ramirez-Maciel

    Mariah Ramirez-Maciel5 months ago

    @Gabriela Salinas Yes I'm Sure All Babies Babble. But Maybe He Wasn't Having It lol. My Kids Didn't Always Babble Either

  74. Gabriela Salinas

    Gabriela Salinas5 months ago

    @Mariah Ramirez-Maciel you right I have 2, but as I said MOST are babbling. Not sure if you read correctly 🙂

  75. Mariah Ramirez-Maciel

    Mariah Ramirez-Maciel5 months ago

    Not All Babies Are The Same!!🙄

  76. guadalupe rojas

    guadalupe rojas5 months ago

    Girl I cried with you don’t worry. 🥺

  77. Destinee Vasquez

    Destinee Vasquez5 months ago

    Started bawling my eyes out with you les!!! Babies grow up so fast my baby just turned 3 the other day I couldn’t stop crying!!!😭😭😭😭but happy birthday baby g you just don’t know how loved you are!!!!😭😭😭💙💙💙💙💙

  78. Christina Lugo

    Christina Lugo5 months ago

    How do you keep your floor so clean please let me in on the secret

  79. Messi- Rayo

    Messi- Rayo5 months ago

    Happy Bday Baby G!! 🥳

  80. Abigail Cobos

    Abigail Cobos5 months ago

    When baby G touched the candle my face went 😬😳 haha but he’s so freaking cute!!🤍

  81. Xern R6

    Xern R65 months ago

    got my mickey d’s right here boutta watch baby gs first birthday vlog, right there super excited chill vibes tonight

  82. griselda gaytan Martinez

    griselda gaytan Martinez5 months ago

    Girl! Cried too, we all moms do!! My oldest is 17 and I still cry on every birthday

  83. Ana Luna

    Ana Luna5 months ago

    Not me already crying during the intro 💔💔💔😭 congratulations to baby g and les and alex for having such a beautiful family 🖤✨

  84. Jenna C. Shawinimash

    Jenna C. Shawinimash5 months ago

    I love baby G’s straight face 😐😂 he’s the cutest

  85. Jenna C. Shawinimash

    Jenna C. Shawinimash5 months ago

    Time flies with babies!! I want to hold a baby now lol He is such a cutie!

  86. Nikki Alvarez

    Nikki Alvarez5 months ago

    “Sigh...fine I’ll get pregnant” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  87. 21aguilar82

    21aguilar825 months ago

    It’s okay. My son is 8 and I cry every. Single. Year.

  88. PRIIDimples

    PRIIDimples5 months ago

    Is your colcha from Walmart cause same I have it ❣️

  89. asioe kiou

    asioe kiou5 months ago

    “Not me thinking I’m iCarly” LMAO

  90. Mirka Flores

    Mirka Flores5 months ago

    I remember I was leaving the hospital after having my baby girl when I saw you were trending on social media about baby G, I already knew who you were at the time but never watched your videos, the anticipation got to me so I watched your videos for the next few days trying to catch up before baby G was born lol

  91. Cassandraa .Dqaf

    Cassandraa .Dqaf5 months ago

    Omg did he burn his finger

  92. Cassandraa .Dqaf

    Cassandraa .Dqaf5 months ago

    Both my kids cried on their first bday song lol

  93. asioe kiou

    asioe kiou5 months ago

    Omg when he touched the candle🤭😂

  94. Ve One&Only

    Ve One&Only5 months ago

    " He needs a steak " 🤣

  95. Nelly Gallegos

    Nelly Gallegos5 months ago

    Les is gonna be me wen my sons turns one 😭❤

  96. Kimberly Ruiz

    Kimberly Ruiz5 months ago

    Kimberly 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳💙

  97. Livier Alonso

    Livier Alonso5 months ago

    I’m over here tearing up watching Les cry while my almost 3 year old is singing happy Birthday!

  98. magz Gutierrez

    magz Gutierrez5 months ago

    Don't worry Les you made me cry too lol that really shows the caring mother you truly are

  99. badie QUEEN

    badie QUEEN5 months ago

    Baby G don know whats happening

  100. thebestMayra_ever

    thebestMayra_ever5 months ago

    I remember finding out when he was actually born and me being so excited bc he was born on my birthday. We are birthday twins 🥰💙 Baby G is super cute, congrats to you both for such a beautiful family ❤

  101. fun stuff with Kristal

    fun stuff with Kristal5 months ago

    my name is kristal

  102. Britney Arevalo

    Britney Arevalo5 months ago

    Happy Birthday to handsome Baby G, thanks for allowing us all to go through the journey with you guys. 🥺❤

  103. Britney Arevalo

    Britney Arevalo5 months ago

    OMG! Hes the cutesttttttttttttt!!! BabyG

  104. Britney Arevalo

    Britney Arevalo5 months ago

    Love it!!! Time flies! Where did u get ur plaid black and white jacket Les

  105. marisela lizalde

    marisela lizalde5 months ago


  106. Yecenia Cruz

    Yecenia Cruz5 months ago

    Poor baby G small party ques que por el Covid. Pero los papás de party en una barra with so many strangers. Ahí no les importo el COVID. Y el Alex siempre se presumido con su ropa y zapatos. Más aparte todos los carros de Les.

  107. N L

    N L5 months ago

    Todo bien en casa ?