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  1. Mayra Carrasco

    Mayra Carrasco5 hours ago

    Aw I remember Roxanne from ysleta high school !

  2. Camila Villeda

    Camila Villeda6 days ago

    Omg me two I love the name Kimberly sense I was a little girl I always told my mom that my name was Kimberly 🥰🥰❤️✨

  3. Jennifer Arreola

    Jennifer Arreola6 days ago

    Thanks for sharing about your hair loss... I have also lost so much hair and it sometimes feels lonely to not talk about it with someone that can relate

  4. Celeste Ramirez

    Celeste RamirezMonth ago

    I really like the white sweater you have on. What store did you purchase it from? 😌🙆🏼‍♀️

  5. Roxy Peña

    Roxy PeñaMonth ago

    Go shorter!

  6. Melanyyy

    Melanyyy2 months ago

    She says lowkey in every video lmao

  7. Tagle & Co

    Tagle & Co2 months ago

    How much do you spend on those extensions? I need them for volume.

  8. The Cavanaugh’s

    The Cavanaugh’s2 months ago

    I get the sweet cream cold brew too and I have the problem. Just say extra sweet cream rather than vanilla and usually that helps more

  9. All things fAmiliA

    All things fAmiliA3 months ago

    Wow she did so good on your hair and it looks so pretty ❤️ next time I go down to el paso I want to book an appointment with her

  10. Quarantine And Chill

    Quarantine And Chill3 months ago

    Don’t let that baby drink after you when you have herpes smh

  11. Anali Perez

    Anali Perez3 months ago

    Cut it shorter 😍

  12. Karen Meza

    Karen Meza3 months ago

    Love it!!!

  13. Marybell Villa

    Marybell Villa3 months ago

    Your hair looks amazing!!! If you cut it a bit more it will still look amazing on you

  14. Manda A

    Manda A3 months ago

    Absolutely freaking LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! You could even go a little shorter, it would be sooo bouncy and full of life!! 🖤

  15. melanie cobos

    melanie cobos3 months ago

    Hey! I'm from EP too! I realllllly want to get a haircut, do you recommend any places?

  16. kam monterroso

    kam monterroso3 months ago

    The bitter latency retrospectively bare because effect reassembly fold sans a lonely toothpaste. numberless, modern wasp

  17. Yviannie Cintron

    Yviannie Cintron3 months ago

    Looks great but I agree with Alex lol its still long hair not much of a difference 😅

  18. Carolina Felix

    Carolina Felix3 months ago

    “Happy thanksgiving “ lol

  19. Cassandra Chavez

    Cassandra Chavez3 months ago

    Cut 5 more inches off it will still look gorgeous

  20. Dee Lizm

    Dee Lizm3 months ago

    Pretty 💗

  21. endure01 Angel

    endure01 Angel3 months ago

    Loving your new look! There is a glow for sure! Saluditos from Chicago, Illinois 🙏💙

  22. daisy gallarzo

    daisy gallarzo3 months ago

    Hairstylist here!!! Love you. Go shorter girl. Like another 2-3 inches. 😁😁

  23. Betty Ramirez

    Betty Ramirez3 months ago

    Awwww he’s so cute and adorable

  24. Awnee

    Awnee3 months ago

    It jst depends on whose making the drink, honestly. Cz everyone learns the same recipes for every single drink but some ppl could miss a step, forget an ingredient or maybe not even know & jst make it however lol. But that’s the only reason why. Honestly, the longer & more experience u have w coffee the better your drink will be. At least that’s my experience from working at Starbucks

  25. kitty briones

    kitty briones3 months ago

    hair looks fire! alex happy thanks giving . lmao

  26. Ari_C3

    Ari_C33 months ago

    Looks super cute!! And yes I think you should cut it a bit shorter!!

  27. Kimberly Quezada

    Kimberly Quezada3 months ago

    OKKKKAAY my name actually is KIMBERLY QUEZADA 😂 ive always hated my name 🙄

  28. Lissa

    Lissa3 months ago

    I love your new haircut two more inches would be cute too either way I love it girl you look gorgeous 💕😍

  29. Carolina Rivas

    Carolina Rivas3 months ago

    Go shorter!!! I mean it’s just hair remember 😌😜

  30. nalleli

    nalleli3 months ago

    😂😂 I don’t like scratching my mans back every night either

  31. Megan Hays

    Megan Hays3 months ago

    its so pretty

  32. Marta Martinez

    Marta Martinez3 months ago

    she beautiful ...perfect

  33. Serena Middleborn

    Serena Middleborn3 months ago

    2 more inches!!

  34. Kyrah Marquez

    Kyrah Marquez3 months ago

    It’s because the baristas make it their own way that’s why it doesn’t taste the same

  35. Kimberly Rosado

    Kimberly Rosado3 months ago

    My name being Kimberly 🥰🥰🥰

  36. shesickwithit

    shesickwithit3 months ago

    i love it! i think that length or a tad bit shorter will still be adorable!

  37. Kimberly Marie Rocha

    Kimberly Marie Rocha3 months ago

    Lol my name is Kimberly ❤️ I

  38. iluvciindy

    iluvciindy3 months ago

    Yasss cut it

  39. Cynthia Diaz

    Cynthia Diaz4 months ago

    Cute! Cute it a little more

  40. Valerie Mirelez

    Valerie Mirelez4 months ago

    The whole workout ruined after that coffee...

  41. Noemi Martinez

    Noemi Martinez4 months ago

    Yesss 😍😍 I just recently cut mine! Mine was down to my butt probably midway and I cut it probably to where yours is at and I honestly do not regret it at all!

  42. Ashley Begaye

    Ashley Begaye4 months ago

    Love love LOVEEEE THE LENGTH💗💗💗🎉👏🏼🥰 it looks so beautiful!!

  43. Maria Martinez

    Maria Martinez4 months ago

    My hair is super thin too girl but OMG te miras muy bien ❤️ I love it so much!☺️

  44. Karina L Garcia

    Karina L Garcia4 months ago

    lmao Alex is me always saying happy thanksgiving for any holiday! 😂

  45. Melia Toran

    Melia Toran4 months ago

    Yes, cut a few more inches

  46. Jessica E

    Jessica E4 months ago


  47. Marisela Cruz

    Marisela Cruz4 months ago

    I seen her picture on insta with short hair and thought “nah she wouldn’t it’s a wig” and kept scrolling till I see this video! Love it💕

  48. Samantha Jordan

    Samantha Jordan4 months ago

    I LOVE your hair this length 😍😍🥰

  49. Samantha Jordan

    Samantha Jordan4 months ago

    Tell Alex to get the vanilla sweet cream cold brew with extra sweet cream instead of of extra vanilla it’s 10x better 🤩🤩

  50. SteelersNation#19

    SteelersNation#194 months ago

    Yes you guys are right!! Starbucks you never know if it will be good or not. There always different.

  51. Salem P

    Salem P4 months ago


  52. Mee Sparza

    Mee Sparza4 months ago

    Baby G is the Best Bayb Ever ready to model🥳💞

  53. andrea gutierrez

    andrea gutierrez4 months ago

    i loved it

  54. Vanessa

    Vanessa4 months ago

    Girl I don’t wanna sound rude but men use lipstick too. “If you wear lipstick buy these masks” sounds better😅

  55. iluvjr

    iluvjr4 months ago

    I love it les!! Yes go shorter 💁‍♀️💇‍♀️

  56. Tatiana Hernandez

    Tatiana Hernandez4 months ago

    Aww he’s so big already! Precious baby ❤️

  57. Yvonne Garcia

    Yvonne Garcia4 months ago

    cut it

  58. Kim Fuentes

    Kim Fuentes4 months ago

    Leave it like that length it looks perfect

  59. Janneisy Lerma

    Janneisy Lerma4 months ago

    Cut it!!! Go shorter! Lol once you go short you’ll most likely not want to go back to long 😅

  60. naisha sada

    naisha sada4 months ago

    I am a barista at Starbucks and we do all follow the same recipes soo it shouldn’t taste any different. But sometimes people don’t make the cold brew the right way or just don’t make the drink the way it’s suppose to be made.

  61. Karina Frausto

    Karina Frausto4 months ago

    Baby G the cutest!!!! 🥰 Cut it more!!! It looks beautiful though!

  62. Miriam Garcia

    Miriam Garcia4 months ago

    looks amazing 👏 😍 I vote go shorter!

  63. Karen Yarsaba

    Karen Yarsaba4 months ago

    Yes most starbucks are like that! I ask for 2/3 pumps of syrup on the side...

  64. Perla Hernandez

    Perla Hernandez4 months ago

    Les I think you should leave it like that.

  65. Flor Morena

    Flor Morena4 months ago

    Yes! Go shorter Kimberly! Neck length. Go big or go home! 😂

  66. Cristina Sanchez

    Cristina Sanchez4 months ago

    Definitely a little more shorter

  67. Enayda Gabriel

    Enayda Gabriel4 months ago

    Cut shorter

  68. Kimberly Felan

    Kimberly Felan4 months ago

    My name is Kimberly lol ilyyyy!!

  69. Citlali Cruz

    Citlali Cruz4 months ago

    Forsure go shorter if you’d like looks bomb 😍

  70. Fatima Isabel

    Fatima Isabel4 months ago

    Omg your hair looks amazing ugh I love it

  71. Yurii R

    Yurii R4 months ago

    cálmate Kimberly 😂😂

  72. Irene Santiago

    Irene Santiago4 months ago


  73. Ariana Perez

    Ariana Perez4 months ago

    Yes cut it a little more to your shoulders 😍 🥰🥰

  74. stephani garcia clements

    stephani garcia clements4 months ago

    Bruh u can't even tell🤣🤣🤣 should have went shoulder length thats extreme...

  75. Bri Winfrey

    Bri Winfrey4 months ago

    Lol les you’re so cute!!!! I love your hair 😍😍😍

  76. Somethin Else

    Somethin Else4 months ago

    Where is her yellow and blue shirt from? 😩

  77. Emma Morales

    Emma Morales4 months ago

    I like your hair like that but I also think it would look good a bit shorter.

  78. Marlyn Padilla

    Marlyn Padilla4 months ago

    Cut it more les ...

  79. Roni Luera

    Roni Luera4 months ago

    Love it, but you want to do it. Definitely a bit shorter.

  80. Melissa Perez

    Melissa Perez4 months ago

    Hi , Love watch your video 💕💜💗

  81. Daisy Alvarez

    Daisy Alvarez4 months ago

    Oh she cute cute 🥰

  82. MariBeautyGlam

    MariBeautyGlam4 months ago


  83. Thania Gonzalez

    Thania Gonzalez4 months ago

    I will say why your coffee taste different is because there's always new employees working and are training! That could be the cause for it.

  84. Erica Marcos

    Erica Marcos4 months ago

    keep going short !!

  85. Merary Gonzalez

    Merary Gonzalez4 months ago

    Yes! cut two more inches it would look so cute!!

  86. Karina Ochoa

    Karina Ochoa4 months ago

    Yes go shorter

  87. TX_ LOVVE

    TX_ LOVVE4 months ago

    I love this length, I don’t think yu should go shorter

  88. Gmari429

    Gmari4294 months ago

    I wish I could have seen it with out the extensions and see the difference.

  89. Everlina Mendoza

    Everlina Mendoza4 months ago

    I love your new hair cut! 2 more inches wouldn’t hurt anyone 🤭HASLO LES😊

  90. Marilynn Ballines

    Marilynn Ballines4 months ago

    Go shorter!! It’ll grow back eventually

  91. Kay

    Kay4 months ago

    yes, cut it a little more 🙂

  92. minniesmalls23

    minniesmalls234 months ago

    Go shorter!

  93. Alexandra Perez

    Alexandra Perez4 months ago

    Shorter!!!! You look gorgeous with short hair!! Two more inches!!!

  94. ramirez1828

    ramirez18284 months ago

    Girl cut it !!!! I had it long like you did and I went from having it by my butt all the way to my shoulders and I didn’t regret it!! I think 2 inches shorter will be the perfect length! Go for it😍

  95. Deborah Vasquez

    Deborah Vasquez4 months ago

    Wow mirala 👏👏👏

  96. Maxi Alvarez

    Maxi Alvarez4 months ago

    &&&&& YESSS cuttt it 🤪🥳🥳🥳

  97. Maxi Alvarez

    Maxi Alvarez4 months ago

    Coffee should NEVER taste bitter we call that a “BURNT SHOT” ask for them to remake it it’s made WRONG 🥴

  98. Melissa Martinez

    Melissa Martinez4 months ago

    "I have something to tell you" "omg your pregnant"😭😭😂

  99. Cassandraa .Dqaf

    Cassandraa .Dqaf4 months ago

    You would rock shoulder length hair ❤️❤️

  100. Daisy Torres

    Daisy Torres4 months ago

    CUT IT MOREEEE! Short hair looks so freaking bomb on you😭

  101. Jessica rodriguez

    Jessica rodriguez4 months ago

    You look amazing Les😍😍